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Qualitative Impact Report on the Changemaking Intelligence Test

By Maira Sheikh Student of New York University Download Introduction The purpose of this qualitative report is to assess the impact of the Changemaking intelligence test in inspiring and equipping students in higher education institutions across Pakistan, with a supportive environment for creating social change. It uses personal testimonials of the participants as a basis […]

Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: The Road Less Traveled by Ali Raza Khan Chief Executive Officer in YES Network Pakistan Abstract Social Entrepreneurship is the fastest growing field in the world. The concept of Social Entrepreneurship has not yet arrived at a full understanding in Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan, where social, economic and environmental […]

The Emerging Entrepreneur Competition

The Emerging Entrepreneur Competition enables children and young people to experience the thrill of being a changemaker. The competition stirs up a creative energy among children and young people that has been dormant for many years. From this competition, the children and young people are provided an opportunity to start a changemaking journey, get an […]