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Overall Impact

Impact is the change brought by the YES in the perceptions and behaviors of people and organizations/institutions about the role of young people in the society. From one community → 3711 communities → 530 schools → 1200 vocational institutions → 80 universities YES facilitated several local and international organizations in the launching and implementation of […]

Changemaker Competition

       YES has launched Changemaking Competitions in the interested universities to provide young people with opportunities and support (financial and technical) to drive change in their communities. The Changemaking competition will encourage students to think creatively and innovatively in designing a solution for addressing a problem, and to motivate them to make money while also making a difference.


  100 Leading higher education universities have been engaged in launching first-ever social entrepreneurship projects in their campuses 3000 Faculty members are trained and engaged in starting social entrepreneurship education and competitions 25,000 Students are engaged in a wide range of social entrepreneurship activities Integrated the concept of social entrepreneurship in the curriculum of leading […]