Our Timeline

1998-2002 Time Period


The idea of youth-led changemaking was evolved and executed in the most deprived community. Half-educated young girls were engaged in driving a change by setting-up a school and a day care center for children. Thousands of children were educated and protected.

Young people were recognised as partners in development.

Half-educated young girls brought a radical change and disruption in the society

YES was formally launched and registered in 2002.

YES launched first-ever “Youth as a Solution, not as a Problem” movement in the country.

2003-2004 Time Period

YES expanded the scope of work to many communities in Lahore and Rawalpindi districts.

YES entered into agreement with UNICEF to engage young people in the promotion of universal primary education in Kasur district.

YES engaged more than 10000 young people in mobilisation of 500 communities for the promotion of education.

Mr. Ali invited to attend the World Assembly of Youth Leaders in Malaysia.

Mr. Ali met with Mahtair Muhammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Mr. Ali awarded the title of Sauvé’ Scholar by the Jeane Sauvé Foundation in Canada.

Mr. Ali invited to speak at the Youth Employment Summit in Mexico.

2005-2007 Time Period

YES established 300 youth-led networks in Lahore, Kasur, Rawalpindi, AJK, Quetta and Banu. These youth-led networks carried out a wide range of need-based changemaking projects.

YES launched Youth-led Changemaking program in earth-quake affected communities in AJK with the support of KSB Pumps.

Mr. Ali was elected as an ‘Ashoka Fellow’ in 2005. Ashoka is a global leader in the field of social entrepreneurship. The idea of youth-led changemaking was recognised as a profound idea with society-changing potential by Ashoka.

Mr. Ali met with Bill Clinton, Former U.S. President in Washington, DC.

Mr. Ali was invited to share his program with the leading youth service organizations of USA by Innovations In Civic Participation.

In 2005, Ali was given the title of ‘Architect of the Future’ by Waldzell Institute of Austria.

2008-2012 Time Period

YES decided to take an institutional change approach by breaking down the barriers to youth-led changemaking in youth-serving institutions.

YES joined hands with the Catholic Board of Education.

YES engaged 100 plus schools in changemaking projects.

British Council joined hands with YES to support youth-led changemaking projects in vocational training institutes.

The top leadership of 1200 vocational training institutions across Pakistan was trained and engaged in building an echo system for youth-led changemaking.

YES launched first-ever youth-led changemaking and social entrepreneurship initiative in 10 universities.

YES integrated the concept of youth social entrepreneurship in 225 vocational training institutions of Punjab Vocational Training Council.

YES launched Youth-led Changemaking program in FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Mr. Ali was selected as one of the top ten leading social entrepreneurs from Asia by Global Knowledge Partnership in Malaysia.

YES embedded the concept of youth social entrepreneurship in two disciplines of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

YES featured in Roundtable on ‘Youth Development and Economic Growth’ hosted by the Planning Commission of Pakistan.

YES featured in Pakistan Framework-for-Economic-Growth-2011.

Mr. Ali won Azma-Ali-Shan Award 2011.

Youth-led Changemaking projects won twice South Asia Regional Enterprise Award in UK.

YES was awarded the title of ‘Best Practice Institution’ by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy.

Mr. Ali was selected as a Common Wealth Young Professional Fellow.

Mr. Ali was invited to speak at TED.

Ali met with Michelle, Regional Director Education British Council to exchange ideas and explore the possibilities of future collaboration.

Mr. Ali met with Mr. Shuja Nawaz, Director, Atlantic Council to exchange ideas regarding the development and launching of Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program.

YES signed an agreement with Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) to train its senior management in “Youth Engagement Approaches.” YES facilitated AKRSP staff members in the development and launching of first-ever Youth Employability and Leadership Program for young people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral.

2013-2016 Time Period

YES launched “Changemaker Institute” project in the leading universities of Pakistan. YES sensitized, trained and engaged faculty members and students of over 80 universities in developing and implementing structures for the support of youth-led changemaking.

YES Network Pakistan and NRSP joined hands to launch Rural Youth Social Entrepreneurs Network (RYSEN) project.

Mr. Ali was given the title of ‘New Leader for Tomorrow’ by the Crans Montana Forum in Switzerland.

Mr. Ali met with Mr. Werner E. Liepach, Country Director, Asian Development Bank to include Youth Engagement as a strategy in the five year plan of Asian Development Bank.

Ali meets with the UK Senior Minister of State, Baroness Warsi to share the work of the YES and the British Council in the field of youth social entrepreneurship in Pakistan on 4th October 2013.

Ali meets with the World Bank Country Director to incorporate ‘Youth Engagement’ strategy in the next five year plan of the World Bank on 12th September 2013.

An International delegation of 30 countries visited YES Office for exchange.

Mr. Ali met with Acting Provincial Director USAID Punjab Maggie School

Ali met with Ms. Nancy Lindborg, the President of United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Ali spoke at ‘National Networks for Social Innovation’ session in Washington, DC.

Ali gave a talk at AshoakU Event in Washington, DC.

Ali featured on Virgin and Reuters Websites.

Mr. Ali gave a talk in London at Youth Convention.

Mr. Ali joined Social Enterprise Advisory Group of the British Council.

Youth-led Changemaking project facilitated by YES won gold medal in one category of the SAGE World Cup 2014 held in Moscow, Russia.The Youth-led Changemaking team also won ‘Promising Tax Payer’ Award from the Federation of Migration Russia.

Mr. Ali Khan invited by the National Management College to serve as a ‘Review Panelist’ for its 15th Senior Management Course comprising 90 participants from various occupational groups of the Federal and Provincial Governments on 25th June 2014.

YES Featured on the Business Plus TV Channel.

2017-2019 Time Period

Mr. Ali was interviewed by Mr. Thomas Jakel, Social Entrepreneur from Germany to learn about the concept of Youth-led Changemaking.

Mr. Thomas made a visit to Pakistan to observe Youth-led Changemaking Program in action.

Mr. Ali decided to write a book on “Youth-led Changemaking” to document his 21 years journey in the field of Youth Development in partnership with Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Ali interviewed by the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship (a Germen based company).

Mr. Ali spoke at the round table conference on “Strengthening Skills Sector in Pakistan” organized by Aman Foundation.

Mr. Ali Featured in an article written by Tara Loader Wilkinson, the Editor-in-Chief of billionaire.com

Ms. Catherine Sinclair of British Council interviewed Mr. Ali about his work in the skills sector of Pakistan.

Mr. Ali featured in the Sauvé Spotlight section.

YES launched first-ever Youth-led Changemaking Program in Zimbabwe.

Mr. Ali gave a briefing on Youth-led Changemaking to representatives of BRAC, Bangladesh.

Mr. Ali travelled toSwitzerland and Germany to meet the representatives of different organizations who were interested in starting youth-led Changemaking program.

Mr. Ali wrote a short booklet on youth-led changemaking to facilitate educational institutions and students about the process of youth-led changemaking program.

Mr. Ali received tremendous feedback on his book “Youth-led Changemaking” from worldwide leaders.

Youth-led Changemaking Book was launched at Amazon.com.

Mr. Ali developed a Youth-led Changemaking Progressional framework to facilitate teachers and students to self-assess their changemaking journey.

YEScarried out an impact study to critically evaluate the outcomes of introducing the concept of youth-led Changemaking as a field of practice in higher education institutions.

Mr. Ali was selected as advisory member of Pakistan Institute of fashion and Design.

Mr. Ali was selected as advisory member of Lahore College for Women University.

Mr. Ali featured in the UMT Alumni publication “ILMIANS”, 2019.

A series of meetings, talks, seminar, competitions and award ceremonies were held in a wide range of public and private universities and technical institutions to build an effective eco system for the support of youth-led changemaking.

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