Changemaking Competition

Short Summary of 50 Changemaking Projects

Below you will find summary of students changemaking projects that conceived and carried out by students during the Changemaking Intelligence Test:

1. Afshan Naz from the Vocational Training Institute in Nain Sukh, carrying on a four-week stitching project, made PKR102,160 with her changemaking endeavors.

2. Nazia Parveen of the Vocational Training Institute in Sehnsa Kotli ran a four-week pop up shop for ladies, earning PKR. 20,000 while adding beauty to the lives of the women in her community.

3. Taiba Batool, a student at the University of Sargodha, organized a two-day football coaching center that earned her PKR.4,500 and encouraged the young athletes of the community.

4. Naseema Begum of the Karakoram International University in Gilgit Baltistan tested the blood pressure of people in her community for two weeks, taking care of the people and earning PKR.11,800.

5. Sundus Dilawer of the Lahore College for Women University (LCWU)organized a fun fair that lasted two days, bringing joy to her neighborhood and making PKR.7,600.

6. Fazeel of the Vocational Training Institute in Rawalpindi repaired air conditioning units for four weeks, earning PKR.102,600 and helping to prevent heatstroke in his area.

7. Shamoon Masih of the NUML in Balochistan performed hepatitis testing for two weeks, earning PKR.30,000 and greatly helping the people of her region.

8. Afia Nazeer, a student of the Lahore College for Women University, ran a nail art, mehndi and jewelry salon for four weeks, bringing more beauty and culture to the county and earning PKR.13,350.

9. Ramla Moatter of the Vocational Training Institute in Governor House, Lahore organized a jewelry making project for four weeks, earning PKR.16,260 while following her dreams and doing what she loved.

10. Nadia Khan of the Vocational Training Institute in Nain Sukh, Lahore led her community in a stitching and needlework project that turned a profit 62 times the original amount given in only four weeks.

11. Asia Kousar used her scientific knowledge to develop a Hepatitis Testing project in Green Town, Lahore, ultimately turning an impressive PKR. 100,000 profit in 5 weeks.

12. Syed Haider Abbas, with a four-week blood screening test program in the in Mazaffargarh, made a PKR. 228,150 profit.

13. Zeest Mehmood of Government College University (GCU) in Lahore led entertainment activities for two days, making a profit of fourteen times the amount she was given.

14. Shazia Malik of Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University (SBKWU) coordinated a Peace Festival in Quetta, Balochistan that lasted four weeks and raised PKR.10,300.

15. Kamran Qasim, a student of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), created a two-week teaching network that not only raised PKR. 23,000, but also helped to benefit the students of his community.

16. Kashif Jalil, a student of the University of Engineering & Technology in Taxila, organized a sugar testing in that turned a PKR. 26000 profit in five weeks.

17. Ghana Nasir of the Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) in Rawalpindi developed a project around lemon water, creating a profit of ten times the original budget.

18. Sharill Hari, a student of Government College University (GCU) in Lahore, sold fresh flowers to her community for a week and made a PKR. 9,000 profit.

19. Amir Ali, a student at the National College of Commerce & Computer Science in Gilgit, organized a two-week art competition that raised PKR. 5,000 while also increasing the neighborhood’s appreciation of the arts. 20. Danish Sayanee of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Karachi delivered lunch boxes to the homes of clients for five weeks, earning a noteworthy PKR.26,000.

21. Syed M. Ali Jawad from the HITEC University in Taxila organized an “Adopt a Plant” project, making PKR. 3,000 while also helping the environment.

22. Sahar Pirzada of the Women University Mardan (WUM) organized a project around Afghani food for two weeks, turning an impressive PKR.

15,000 profit and increasing the cultural diversity of the community.

23. Muhammad Waqas of the FATA University in Kohat ran a project for malaria testing, managing to make PKR. 6,000 in just two weeks.

24. Sajjad Ali, a student at the Karakoram International University (KIU) in Gilgit-Baltistan, created a two-week academy that made PKR. 20,000 and helped the other students of the community.

25. Sadaf of the Vocational Training Institute in Bahawalpur provided facial and skin treatment to his community for four weeks, earning PKR. 18,910.

26. Zara Najam, a high school student from Faisal Town, Lahore ran a project for frozen food, earning PKR. 4,500 in just one week. Taimur Ahmed of the same school organized a group to sell household items, successfully earning PKR.26,250 in four weeks.

27. Saad Ahmad Siddique of the Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS) ran an online printing service for five weeks, helping to save time and paper while also making PKR. 5,100.

28. Azeem Sarwar of the Vocational Training Institute in Kassowal ran a five day blood testing project that earned PKR. 71,500.

29. Muhammad Ali, a student of the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture in Multan, arranged a food project that earned him PKR.1,636 in just five days.

30. Aun Ahmed of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Islamabad, ran a home-cooked food project over the course of five weeks, managing to earn PKR.10,790.

31. Muneeb Abdullah, a student at the University of Haripur, supplied in-office food for five weeks, making PKR. 8,145.

32. Zoya Aftab of the Fatima Jinnah Women University in Rawalapindi ran a project around herbal shampoo, earning an impressive PKR. 10,000 in just two weeks.

33. Mehwish Saif Ullah, a craftswoman from Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University in Quetta, used her talents to make a PKR.9,500 profit in two weeks.

34. Muhammad Amin, a student of Karakoram Model School & Degree College in Astore, organized a Language Centre that turned an impressive PKR.41,000 in a short period of time.

35. Sajjad Karim, a student at Gilgit College of Commerce and Economics, worked diligently in Garbage Collection Services for two weeks, earning PKR.15,000—three times the amount he was originally granted.

36. Zahra, a student of the Govt. Girls Degree College, created and curated Home Decoration Pieces to spectacular effect, beautifying the community and earning PKR.19,000, a stark contrast to the PKR.5,000 she had initially been given.

37. Mukhtiar Ahmad, a technological student at the Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences (BUITEMS), created a two-week Photocopy Service that turned PKR.11,500 in two weeks.

38. Zabi Ullah, an up-and-coming scientist at the University of Balochistan, created a health laboratory that earned her PKR. 5,500 in two weeks.

39. Zukhruf, and artist from the Women University Mardan, organized a one-week art and painting project that earned her PKR.3,000.

40. Samiullah, a student at the HITEC University, introduced an Herbal Medicine project to his community that raise PKR. 4,000 in a week and informed the public about the health benefits of herbal medicine.

41. Tasleem Akhtar of the VTI in Depalpur established a one-week-only Ice Cream Point that earned PKR. 2,700 and brought an abundance of sweetness to the community.

42. Mudassar Ali of the VTI in Jhang launched a project of producing emergency lights that provided low-cost solution to his community for energy crisis and raised PKR. 3050.

43. Hasseb Ahmad of the Peshawar Model School organized events for Entertainment through Video Games, earning PKR. 4,020 in two days.

44. Taiba Fazal, a young student of the Government Girls High School in Bhawana, organized a week-long Swings for Kids project that turned a PKR. 2,040 profit.

45. Iqra Usman of the VTI in Hassanabadal organized a one-week event for Self-Grooming and Learning of Good Hygiene, turning a PKR. 4,960 profit and creating a safer, cleaner environment for the community.

46. M. Umair of the Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS) in Nilore, Islamabad developed a Smart Door Lock System that earned in PKR.2,000 and allowed him to create safer homes.

47. Abdullah of the Islamia College University in Peshawar created a one-week Coffee & Soup Stall that brought refreshment to the community and earned him PKR.2,700.

48. Asma Sohail, a student of the University of Wah, created a project called “Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful” that earned PKR.2,500 in just one week.

49. Nafeesa Batool, a student of the Lahore College for Women University, curated a project for Beauty Products that raised her an impressive PKR.58,240 in just four weeks.

50. Kaynat Ashraf from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design in Lahore also established a weeklong Bake Sale, making a PKR.3500 profit.

Each of the aforementioned projects turned a profit in a short amount of time, proving that young people are capable of making change in their communities as well as monetary value when given the chance. These projects prove that Changemaking Intelligence can be achieved, giving young people the confidence to pursue their talents and interests for the purpose of making the world a better place.

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