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YES has launched Changemaker Project in collaboration with the British Council to introduce its exciting educational philosophy “Youth-led Changemaking” to educational and vocational institutions. Youth-led Changemaking is a proven methodology grounded in value creation and innovation.

It engages students in learning through creating value for others. It cultivates a campus-wide approach to changemaking and innovation. It aims at activating students of all academic disciplines as changemakers rather than giving them usual advice such as “Be positive in life”, “Do good”, or “Stay vigilant to opportunities around you”.

We define a “Changemaker Institute” as a place where every faculty memberand student is involved in spotting an opportunity to add value in society. It is a place where everyone is expected to drive a change and not simply react to change. It is a place where everyone is involved in devising creative and innovative solutions to difficult problems.

We are currently working with over 100 public and private educational and vocational institutions to foster a culture of youth-led changemaking and innovation. You can read the views of partners and experts here.

How we transform an institution into a Changemaker Institution? YES offers a comprehensive framework to make this happen.

  1. Develop a Common Vocabulary
  2. Build a Community of Practice and Knowledge
  3. Provide a Trust-based Investment to Students
  4. Engage Students in Changemaking Intelligence Test
  5. Reward and Showcase Efforts
  6. Build and Align Systems
  7. Institutionalize Changemaking in Culture and Curriculum

Here is a glimpse of the Changemaker Project:

Bringing Top Leadership on Board

Forming Changemaking Teams

Building a Community of Knowledge and Practice

Identifying Leverage Points to Advance Youth-led Changemaking

Inspiring Students to Become Changemakers

Organizing Changemaking Competitions

For participation, please send a request at: