Overall Impact

Impact is the change brought by the YES in the perceptions and behaviors of people and organizations/institutions about the role of young people in the society.

Generated Growth

From one community → 3711 communities → 530 schools → 1200 vocational institutions → 80 universities

Generated Programs

YES facilitated several local and international organizations in the launching and implementation of multi-million dollar projects.

Shifted the focus of many organizations from prevention and preparation to youth engagement programs.

Generated Global Attention

30 countries invited and featured YES model

Won several international awards and Fellowships (Ashoka, Architect of the Future Award, Sauvé Foundation)

Inspired young people in developing and developed countries to lead and drive change (Zambabwe, Singapore, Germany, South Asian Countries)

Testimonials received from the leaders of the renowned organizations.( Link )YES work featured in many articles, websites and conferences.( Link )

Generated Professionals

Created a community of knowledge and practice across Pakistan.

Over 50,000 representatives of public and private youth-serving institutions empowered and engaged in the field of Youth-led Changemaking.

Generated Social Settings

Created space for Youth-led Changemaking in over 530 schools, 1200 technical and vocational institutions, 80 universities and 210 civil society organizations.

Generated Youth-led Projects

Over 500 youth teams are engaged every year in changemaking projects.

Generated Funds and Resources

Attracted many local and international organizations to invest in the field of Youth-led Changemaking.These institutions include British Council, USAID, USIP, GIZ, Atlantic Council, Agha Khan Foundation, KSB Pumps, PVTC, TEVTA, Higher Education Institutions, etc.

Generated Evidence

Provided solid evidence of the effectiveness of YES model through external and third party evaluations carried out by the British Council, USIP, PCP, etc.

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