Our Team

YES Network Pakistan employees represent the spirit of our organization: passionate, driven, committed and acutely aware of how limitless YES’s potential is to grow. Our team is composed of young, creative and dynamic individuals. We work together to great lengths to introduce and institutionalize the concepts of youth engagement in the public and private institutions of the country.

Mr. Ali Raza Khan

Founder and CEO of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan
Ashoka Fellow in Pakistan.

Ali is from Lahore, Pakistan, where he earned his BA and Masters in Political Science focusing on Development Politics. He also holds a one-year diploma in documentary making from GNN in Montreal and has completed one-year master program in community organizing and development in McGill University, in addition, to his participation in short training courses in Johns Hopkins University, USA. He is the Founder and Director of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan/PNYS. He has a lifelong devotion to empower every young person in Pakistan, to make significant contributions to their own lives and to revitalize their communities. His driving forces “Action without vision is pointless, vision without action is fruitless combined, and it could lead to great things.” His checklist for change includes “developing the confidence, skills and clear action” to empower youth and achieve results. He has developed modules and materials to mobilize young people of his country to constructive action and has set up many small youth groups throughout Pakistan for collective and self-help actions.

He is the CEO of YES Network Pakistan. He is implementing his projects in underprivileged rural areas all over the country. He has provided inspiration and vision to large number of young people across country. He has a wide experience of working with youth, which is filled with change and challenge; visioning; planning and program development; innovative and social action initiatives and much cooperative exciting work both within and outside the country. He has extensive experience in conceptualizing, designing and successfully implementing youth development programs. He is a very effective trainer and has conducted over 100 capacity building workshops in the filed of leadership development, gender, communication, participatory learning for action, values, reproductive health, team building, community mobilization, community organizing, etc for all segments of population in partnership with local, national and international organizations.

He has played a pioneer role in designing and implementing first-ever youth service and sexual reproductive health programs for under-served and at-risk youth. He is taking a very innovative, pro-active and integrative approach to youth involvement as a way to meet the high service needs of the society and to head-off violence and crime from the society. He is very instrumental in reaching out to heard-to-reach and socially excluded young girls and women living in an under resourced and victimizing environments. His strategies have contributed immensely in creating local women champions and leaders in many of the low-income communities. He with his team of youth service volunteers has established over 150 female multi-functional learning centers in various parts of Pakistan, including border areas where there is hardly any opportunity and infrastructure for the promotion and protection of human rights of women and girl children. These centers have already provided a wide range of services to over 6000 young girls and women. He is continuously seeking for new opportunities and tools to empower disadvantaged girl children and women. Currently, he is using video documentaries to highlight the miseries, injustice and inequality being faced by countless girl children and women in Pakistan.

He is committed to innovation and consistently seeks to pioneer new and cost-effective strategies, models and implementation methods that result in solution based youth movements. He believes that creative ideas are needed to resolve problem that continue to plague young people. His model of working with youth is gaining increasing support internationally as a vibrant alterative for at-risk and disadvantaged youth. He has won numerous awards worldwide. Ali is the first male youth from Pakistan who is conferred upon the status of “Sauve Scholar” by the Jeanne Sauve Foundation in Canada. He has also conferred upon the first youth service award by Jawan Pakistan. He is bestowed upon with Government Color and University Blue award. He is frequently invited by leading education institutions in the world for talks on youth. He is also invited by the UN to participate in their High Level Dialogue on youth in Geneva in 2005. He is selected as a fellow by the international leadership program in California for the year 2005-6. He has the honor of meeting with the outstanding leaders of the world. Recently, he had the pleasure of meeting with the former US President Bill Clinton in Washington, DC. He is elected as an Ashoka fellow from Pakistan in year 2006. He is also recently selected as an “Architect of the Future” by Waldzell institute in Austria. His referees call him “an inspirational young leader who is constantly in motion and is infecting others with enthusiasm, optimism and can-do attitude.”

He has traveled widely and participated in many international programs ad activities. His vision is “Youth as the solution, not as the problem.” As a student, he was named Captain of Government College Lahore Cricket team and best player of the University of Punjab. Ali speaks Urdu, English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Mr. Hafiz Javaid Iqbal

He is the Manager Operations & Programs of the YES Network Pakistan. He did his Masters in Social Work from Punjab University Lahore. He has over 8 years of experience of working in the field of social development. He has been very active to support Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan/PNYS in implementing its activities. He has participated in a wide range of community building activities. He has facilitated, arranged and organized several community based sessions and seminars on a variety of topics for creating awareness among the masses on human rights. He has a strong desire to empower the young people of Pakistan. His work involves identifying under-served, marginalized and poor women and girls for social and economic development.

Ms. Rukhsana Zulfiqar

She is currently working as a Program Manager Communications in Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan. She has done Masters in English Literature, Masters in Business Administration (Finance) and Masters in Computer Science. She has also done Diploma in Information Technology. She has a working experience of 7 years. She has worked with prestigious national and international organizations. She has a teaching experience of two years. She taught English Language, English Literature and Computer Science in Gandhara College for Girls, Wah Cantt. She served as External Liaison Officer in University of Engineering and Technology, Taxilla. She also served as Lecture in the University and taught Technical Report Writing to the students. She has conducted more than 60 researches for international organizations on a wide range of topics such as Youth Service, Youth Social Entrepreneurship, Serving Learning, Business Administration, Information Technology, etc. She has conducted several trainings and workshops on Youth Development. She also served as a moderator for National and International Seminars and Conferences.

Mr. Kazam Raza

He is working as a Finance Manager in YES Network Pakistan. He is ACCA finalist and also holding a professional degree from Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants. He has 9 years of diversified working experience in the field of financial management in public and private sector organizations. He is involved in designing, implementation and evaluation of financial systems and procedures.


Mr. Tauseef Kazmi

He is working as an Assistant Manager Finance& Administration in YES Network Pakistan. He is ACCA (Finalist) and Commerce Graduate. He has roughly eight (8) years of professional experience in the field of finance and administration. He has worked as an assistant either to a department, single individual or multiple individuals in different organizations. He brought the knowledge and insight gained through these various experiences to YES Network Pakistan. His work involves supervising and overseeing accounting procedures and their overall consolidation, banking and financial investment planning, preparation of annual budgets and quarterly forecasting of financial requirements as well as coordination and correspondence with national and international level organizations.

Ms Anum Waqar

She is involved with YES Network Pakistan as a Deputy Team Leader Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program. She is doing MSC Psychology. She is skilled in organizing, facilitating and arranging workshops and sessions on youth Social Entrepreneurship for principals, teachers and representatives of civil society organizations. She is also involved in designing, implementing and evaluating service learning projects as a Group Leader of Smart Youth Project. She is a by birth Artist with lots of creativity, she loves to paint, likes to read poetry, literature and performing arts having affiliation with Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad, in 2007-08 as curator & organized different exhibitions.


Mr. Junaid Ahmed Qazi

He is working as a Field Incharge in YES Network Pakistan since 2010. He has done masters in Urdu Language. He has an extensive experience of working in the field. He is involved in youth organizing and trainings. He has played a major role in mobilizing and motivating young people of low-income communities for self-help action.



Mr.Jamil Hyder

He is working as a Coordinator Logistics in YES Network Pakistan since 2006. He is involved in organizing, coordinating and arranging local and national level sessions, meetings, seminars and conferences. he has over 15 years experience in the field of social development. He worked with several community based and national level organizations.He has sound knowledge of the field and diverse cultures. He has done professional courses in the field of IT.


Miss Anum Nawaz

Anum has been engaged in youth empowerment and quality education at various social organizations since last couple of years. She is a bachelor of science in Psychology and holds a minor in Philosophy. She served as the Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan for the United States Department of Education in 2013. Anum is currently volunteering as The Global Youth Ambassador for A world at School which concentrates on the equal right of being educated and improvising quality learning through policy making and dialogue. She also holds diplomas and certificates in diverse subjects such as Finance, sketching, Interior designing and graphics designing. Her expertise as a young facilitator plays a significant role in meeting standards of YES Network Pakistan.

Miss Saima Hyder

She is working as a Master Trainer in YES Network Pakistan since 2006. She had done Bachelors in Computer Sciences from University of the Punjab Lahore. She holds diploma in Web Designing, Networking and Windows Application. She has been running a school for the under-served girls and women of her community since 2006. She possessed 4 years’ experience of social development. She has attended a wide range of workshops on the topics of youth enterprise, social skills, class room management, entrepreneurship,etc. Her hobbies are reading, cooking and teaching.

Miss Amna Ilyas

Miss Amna Ilyas is working as a Coordinator in YES Network Pakistan since 2009. She has done Masters in Social Works with 2nd Position in University of the Punjab. She has 4 years experience in community development.She has organized and conducted over 50 Workshops and Trainings on Youth Social Entrepreneurship for the principals and the students of technical and vocational institutions of Pakistan. She has assisted in developing modules and materials on the concept of Youth Social Entrepreneurship. She has organized 5 national and 8 provincial level trainings on Youth Social Entrepreneurship. She works with young social entrepreneurs to facilitate them in starting and implementing community-based social enterprises. She has also assisted in carrying out baseline and end line surveys on the topics of youth social entrepreneurship.

Mrs. Fouzia Zareen

She is serving in YES Network Pakistan as a research officer. She holds the two master degrees, Urdu and Research and Assessment in (Edu). She has an extensive experience in the field of research and training. She has served as a trainer, consultant and resource person for several youth-serving institutions. She also holds a certificate in-service teachers training. She has keen interest in the field of research development and did a lot of work in different research institutions. She has a competency in data analyzing. She is equipped with the latest techniques of assessment and analysis. She has good command in SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences).

Ms. Komal Abid

She is working as a Service Scholar in YES Network Pakistan. She holds a master degree in Social Work from the University of the Punjab, Lahore.She has two years field experience of working with disadvantaged populations. She also possessed one year teaching experience. In YES, she is responsible for developing and executing sound human development strategies for maximizing the growth and productivity of the staff.



Mr. Sohail Abbas

He is working as a Master Trainer in YES Network Pakistan since 2008. He has conducted over 100 trainings on Youth Social Entrepreneurship. He has also contributed in organizing & mentoring over 50 youth trainings at grassroots level. A few of the youth teams mentored and accompanied by him have also won international awards. He holds a master degree of psychology from the Punjab University. He has also master degree in IT.


Rashid Hussain

He is involved with YES Network Pakistan as an Evaluator since 2012. He has 20 years of experience in the field of corporate, consultancy & teaching. He holds a master degree in international Business Studies. He holds a diploma in Public Administration.



Ms. Mehwish

She is working as a service scholar in YES Network Pakistan. She has done master in Social Work from the Punjab University, Lahore. She has two years’ experience of community work. She has one year teaching experience as well .In YES she is involved in facilitating and motivating the young people of different projects of YES. She is also monitoring the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition on Pace project.



Huma Zia Faran

She is working as the Deputy Head of the Annual Status of Education Report Pakistan. She has been engaged with large-scale household based assessment since 2011. She graduated from Lahore School of Economics in 2010 and has been working in the development sector ever since. She has presented papers in various international conferences including Comparative and International Education Society (CIES, 2014/2015) and UKFIET (2012). Her major areas of interest include Girls Education, Quality of Learning, Rural-Urban Education Disparities and Education along Socio-economic lines. She is currently also working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Scholar with Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan since January 2015.

Ms.Rabia Yaseen

She is working as an internee in YES Network Pakistan. She has done matriculation. Her role in YES is to facilitate the staff members in carrying out their assignments.

Mr. Farhad Ali


He is serving as an office boy in YES Network Pakistan. He has done matriculation. His role in YES is to facilitate the staff members in carrying out their assignments.




Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Quershi

He is working as a Documentalist in YES Network Pakistan since 2007. He has done L.L.B and D.T.L from the Punjab University Lahore. He has over 52 years of experience of working in developmental sector in various capacities. He has an extensive experience of developing and producing information and communication material on health and women empowerment. He is an excellent trainer and facilitator. He has participated in several local and international trainings on gender, reproductive health, proposal writing, community mobilization, etc.

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