Welcome to YES Network Pakistan

YES Network Pakistan was founded by Ali Raza Khan in 2002 to drive first-ever ‘Youth as a Solution’ movement in the country and get young people started as changemakers. YES facilitates several thousand young people each year to begin their changemaking journey. YES creates,activates and multiplies spaces for young people to master changemaking skills across the country. YES offers a comprehensive package to youth; from inspiration to experimentation; to training and risk-free funding,showcasing and practical support. In 2008 the YES decided to take an institution change approach to break down the traditional, attitudinal,social, structural, legal and financial barriers to youth-led changemaking. YES has planted the seeds of youth-led changemaking in over 1200 educational and vocational institutions, integrated this concept into the curriculum of over 172 leading vocational and educational institutions of Pakistan; and is working with over 80 leading universities of the country to align their structures for youth-led changemaking through a variety of exciting and innovative projects.

YES work is featured in more than 30 countries of the world. YES has innovated an approach to restore trust with young people and help them get started as changemakers, with unheard of success rates. YES has worked with the leading international organizations, private companies and alliances. YES has won several international awards for its contributions in the field of youth-led changemaking. YES is a legally registered non-profit organization that has a board of directors who is responsible for the performance of the organization. YES is certified by PCP as a ‘Best Practice Institution.’