Snapshot of YES

Date of Birth


25th November,2002




Youth as a solution




YES believes that Pakistan is facing a serious youth disengagement epidemic and it is our biggest threat, biggest failure and biggest loss.




To plant seeds of Youth Engagement in the country.




We believe that young people are the greatest overlooked resource in the country to promote peace, prosperity and economic development.




All Youth (troubled, prepared, in the making, vulnerable, socially excluded and hard-to-reach youth).




A shift from “Youth Prevention” and “Youth Preparation” programs to “Youth Engagement” programs.


Geographical Coverage


YES Network Pakistan works in the four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK and FATA.


Number and Statistics


1200 Technical, Vocational, Educational and Training schools and colleges across Pakistan have been engaged. Over 200,000 youth across Pakistan have been trained over a period of five years. 175 Technical, vocational, Educational and Training Schools integrated the concept of Social Entrepreneurship into their curriculum. Engaged 1500 teams of young people in designing and implementing business ideas under a variety of competitions every year. 30 leading Universities have been engaged in creating social entrepreneurship opportunities for students.




YES Network Pakistan is one of the few non-profits to use independent, third-party evaluators to engage the impacts of its programs. Independent evaluators and partner organizations have conducted evaluations on YES Network Pakistan’s effectiveness. Findings prove that YES Network Pakistan has a positive impact in a number of critical areas. Summaries of the findings are also published online. YES Network Pakistan is certified by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy as a “Best Practice Institution”. YES Network Pakistan has won several local and international awards by the leading institutions of the world.


Three Tiers of Youth Engagement


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