Our Structure

YES Network Pakistan has a board of directors who is ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization in all areas of its work. The board includes currently seven elected members for a period of five years. The five officers (President, CEO, General Secretary, Office Secretary and Treasurer) are elected by the fellow Directors to the officer positions and the other two are Directors-at-large.




Mr.Ali Raza Khan

Founder and CEO of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan

Ali is a social entrepreneur, speaker, activist and author. He is responsible for the rise of the phrase “Youth as a Solution” a concept that has initiated a change in the role of young people in society. He has also coined the term “Changemaking Intelligence” to introduce a new kind of intelligence in society. He has invented the most effective, efficient and sustainable method to turn young people into changemakers after testing it with several thousand young people. He has *busted this myth that changemaking is possible only by a few. *

Ali is the harbinger of the youth-led changemaking movement in the world. Ali is the founder and CEO of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan.  Ali has planted the seeds of youth-led changemaking and social entrepreneurship in over 1200 educational and vocational institutions. Ali has served as a consultant, board member, advisor, trainer and partner for many local and international organizations. Ali has been invited to speak in more than 30 countries of the world. Ali has received many local and international awards and acknowledgements for his achievements. He is given the title of ‘Sauvé Scholar’ by the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation in Canada. Ali is also given the title of ‘Architect of the Future’ by Waldzell Institute of Austria. He is a fellow of International Ashoka Network. Ali holds a MSC Degree in Human Resource Management and Development and a Master’s Degree in Political Science.

Ms.Kulsoom A.Meraj

She has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of social development. She has served as a trainer, consultant, advisor for several local and international organizations. She has worked in the leading international organizations such as UNDP, JICA and IFES-Pakistan. She is a certified BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy & Governance) trainer, workshop designer and facilitator. She assisted election management bodies to plan and responsibly implement their unique operational tasks through all phases of the electoral process. This work included, but was not limited to, voter registration, procurement, logistics, election day operations, counting and results transmission, budgeting, accreditation, out-of-country voting and other special voting services. She is currently serving as a Training Specialist for UNDP. She has Masters Degree in Political Science. She has participated in several international trainings.

Dr.Aliya Khalid

Aliya is working as an Assistant Professor in Social Work Department of the Punjab University. She has over 20 years of teaching experience. She has written many research papers and contributed in several research publications. She has been a major driving force to initiate and promote youth development related programs in social settings. She is teaching courses on human growth and behavior, social legislation and communication in Punjab University. She conducts and co-ordinates various trainings and researches for multidisciplinary teams every year.

Ms.Sitwat Farooq

Sitwat Farooq is working as an Assistant Professor in Govt. Post Graduate College for Women, Kamoke. She has done MPhil in Social Work from the University of Punjab. She also served as a Project Coordinator in YES for a period of three years. Sitwat played an important role in advancing the concept of youth-led changemaking in schools and vocational institutions of Pakistan.

Ms.Tanveer Mujahid

She is an educationist and philanthropist. She ran a school for 30 years. She has dedicated her entire life in educating and training children living in underprivileged communities of Pakistan. She has trained and educated several thousand children. She has contributed immensely in the launching and implementing of Youth-led Changemaking Programs. She is currently supporting several projects related to children and youth development.


He is a community activist. He has been running a school for deprived and under-served children for over 30 years. He has helped thousands of poor children to get education and acquire a respectable position in society. He has been associated with YES since 1998 when Mr. Ali met him for the first time in a session in his community. He is currently involved in creating opportunities for the left-out children to reintegrate into society as useful citizens.

Mr.Taha Fraz Haider

He has an extensive experience in finance, accounts, costing and administration. He has obtained his professional degree from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA U.K). He has a wider exposure of working in different industries. In past, he has worked with Descon Engineering Limited and Vision Max (Training and Consulting) on key positions of finance, audit and training. He is currently teaching in the University of Management and Technology.

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