Diane de Mailly Nesle Sauvé

“This is not only a splendid read about the author’s 21-year journey of working with young people, but also a spectacular and insightful book about the power of youth-led changemaking. As the president of a public leadership program that has engaged over 800 next generation youth leaders from 70 countries around the world, I have seen first-hand how employing unique youth-led changemaking models can transform outstanding young change agents into self-actualized, globally-minded public leaders and game changers. The book provides compelling evidence because it is based on facts and not assumptions. It is not only informative for stakeholders who wish to design, align and deliver structures that can support youth, but most importantly, an excellent tool for youth themselves who wish to start their changemaking journey in their communities and countries around the world. Outstanding and highly-recommended!”

President Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

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