Changemaking Team


A changemaking team comprising of faculty/staff and students who can seed social innovation and social enterprise culture in the universities is being created in the partner universities. The changemaking team will bring the university closer to joining the leading institutions in social innovation education who share the vision that higher education can become the next local driver of social change.

The purpose of the creating a changemaking team within each university is to create a core team, who have relevant skills in planning, designing, supporting and organizing social entrepreneurship trainings and competition in their institutions. The workshop will provide knowledge, skills, connections and resources to participants to play an instrumental role in advancing the movement of social entrepreneurship in their institutions.

A key feature of the training will be experiential, that is, learning through the process of being a participant on the course. Participants will spend one day in the field to apply gained knowledge and skills.

Monitoring & Evaluation

1  Training Evaluation

Pre and Post Test Analysis

Opinion Survey Form

Learning and Engagement

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