Be Your Own Boss! Create Your Own NGO/Social Enterprise

Are you tired of broken promises? Are you tired and sick of endless persecution? Are you tired of seeing people in hopeless and helpless conditions? Do you have undying passion to serve others? Are you just waiting for things to happen? We spend most of our lives waiting, waiting for right opportunities, waiting for jobs, waiting for promises to be fulfilled, waiting for heavy references, waiting for money to start new business, waiting for someone to trust in you… While we wait for all these things to happen, we miss out on the other things happening right now.
YES Network Pakistan has started “Be your own Boss” program to assist young people in becoming changemakers, turning their dreams into reality, helping young people to think big and assisting young people to become self-reliant and contributing members of the society.

Under this program, YES Network Pakistan’s foreign qualified team will provide one-year structured mentoring services to young people who have the burning desire and discipline to become their own boss at a very low cost. Our team also includes leading social entrepreneurs who have started very successful organizations that will help them to transfer their knowledge to young people by giving them some practical and useful advises.
Our matchless services with local and international reach giving young people the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions in today’s market have helped us achieve phenomenal success. Our recent clients have won several international awards.

So, if you are interested in starting an organization apply now by sending us an email at & with the subject “Be your own Boss”. YES Network Pakistan will charge a very nominal fee on monthly basis for a period of one year for providing professional services.

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