The project has already resulted in a number of improvements in various areas. A few general achievements registered to-date include the following:


  • Developed a better understanding about the importance of employability and enterprise skills, as well as raising expectations of young people about what they can achieve.
  • Developed strong participation and board-based ownership of the project among the leading higher education institutions.
  • Developed and established a network of higher education institutions committed to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship.
  • Provided key policy makers of the higher education institutions with improved knowledge about the need of promoting social entrepreneurship and enterprise education and employability skills among young people.
  • Moved from a traditional “charity” approach of “helping the disadvantaged” youth to a transformational, “social change” approach of empowering and motivating youth to take control of their future prosperity.


  • Engaged 56 leading higher education institutions in rolling out the concept of social entrepreneurship
  • Sensitized and oriented faculty members and students of 43 universities on the concept of social entrepreneurship and social innovation
  • Carried out campus scanning in 25 universities to  assess the changemaking ecosystem
  • Created a team of 54 master trainers in the field of social entrepreneurship in the higher education institutions
  • Sensitized over 280 faculty members on the concept of social entrepreneurship
  • Oriented 2000 students directly people through trained master trainers on the subject of social entrepreneurship
  •                  Engaged 250 students of the leading higher education institutions in designing and implementing social enterprise projects to meet the unmet services needs of over 4000 people of all ages

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