YES strives for a world in which  young people are not treated as empty vessels into which we pour our wisdom and instead we treat all (troubled and prepared) young people as the most promising resource available to us in developing a new societal structure and meeting the high service needs of our communities; a world in which all young people are provided at-least one practical entrepreneurial experience; a world in which all young people are viewed as equal partners in collective efforts to improve civic life, rather than consumers, constituents or foot soldiers for adult-supervised programs.

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Our mission is to be the first choice of all young people for breaking their barriers and isolation, discovering their entrepreneurial potential, re-branding their image and assuming a central leadership role in their communities.






Leave no Youth Behind  

Youth as Nation Builders



Gender Inclusive

Rural Emphasis


  1. To sensitize, educate and facilitate public and private institutions to undertake organized approaches such as service learning, youth social entrepreneurship and youth service to mainstream youth into the development process of Pakistan by transferring information, technical knowledge and skills.
  2. To create innovative and supportive youth engagement programs to demonstrate the impact of youth-led development on youth and the society.
  3. To build a vibrant, well-resourced and credible institution that will be the national leader for the promotion of youth-led development in the country.