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YES Network Pakistan was founded by Ali Raza Khan in 2002 to drive first-ever 'Youth as a Solution' movement in the country and get young people started as changemakers. YES facilitates several thousand young people each year to begin their changemaking journey. YES creates,activates and multiplies spaces for young people to master changemaking skills across the country. YES offers a comprehensive package to youth; from inspiration to experimentation; to training and risk-free funding,showcasing and practical support. In 2008 the YES decided to take an institution change approach to break down the traditional, attitudinal,social, structural, legal and financial barriers to youth-led changemaking. YES has planted the seeds of youth-led changemaking in over 1200 educational and vocational institutions, integrated this concept into the curriculum of over 172 leading vocational and educational institutions of Pakistan; and is working with over 80 leading universities of the country to align their structures for youth-led changemaking through a variety of exciting and innovative projects.

YES work is featured in more than 30 countries of the world. YES has innovated an approach to restore trust with young people and help them get started as changemakers, with unheard of success rates. YES has worked with the leading international organizations, private companies and alliances. YES has won several international awards for its contributions in the field of youth-led changemaking. YES is a legally registered non-profit organization that has a board of directors who is responsible for the performance of the organization. YES is certified by PCP as a 'Best Practice Institution.'

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“This is not only a splendid read about the author’s 21-year journey of working with young people, but also a spectacular and insightful book about the power of youth-led changemaking. As the president of a public leadership program that has engaged over 800 next generation youth leaders from 70 countries around the world, I have seen first-hand how employing unique youth-led changemaking models can transform outstanding young change agents into self-actualized, globally-minded public leaders and.... Learn More

Diane de Mailly Nesle Sauvé | President Jeanne Sauvé Foundation


I just heard a story that I adore. It comes from Ali Raza Khan, an Ashoka social entrepreneur and education reformer in Pakistan. Last year, he challenged 6,000 poor students across 74 charity government vocational schools to create ventures within a month. He went to them and said, "I believe in you. You can all start businesses and citizen groups and you can all succeed." He said this to all the students in all the schools, none coming from privilege...  Learn More

Founder, CEO Ashoka | William Drayton

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Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton recently wrote about his vision for a “changemaker world”—a place where problems can’t outrun solutions. He told a story about Ali Raza Khan, an entrepreneur in Pakistan, who tasked 6,000 poor students with starting successful ventures. He explains how, with little more than hearty encouragement,...  Learn More

Deputy director for education at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Carina Wong

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Ali Raza Khan is an Ashoka Fellow, as well as Founder and CEO of YES Network Pakistan, a social enterprise that nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit in children and youth through various initiatives. Intrigued by Ali's vision to promote "youth as a solution" rather than a problem, CHRISTIAN PETROSKE catches up with Ali to find out more about his outlook and his grand youth empowerment plans... Learn More

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