What Partners Say about Changemaking Intelligence Test

I am witness to Ali Raza Khan’s pioneer work in the field of Youth-led Changemaking. Ali has transformed several thousand students of the Punjab Vocational Training Council from victims to changemakers through his innovative Changemaking Intelligence Test. He has provided a remarkable Tool to unlock the Changemaking Intelligence inherent in young people.

Faisal Ijaz Khan Chairman | Pun jab Vocational Training Council

Ali’s work has influenced several thousands of young people nationwide. He has found a powerful way to unlock the greatness within each young person. He has shown to the world that every young person is special and born with the ability to add value in society. His Changemaking Intelligence Test clearly stands as the crowning achievement as it will change the lives of millions of young people.

Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Maan | Dean, University of Agriculture Faisalabad 

The concept of Changemaking Intelligence has contributed a lot to the development of young women in our region. It has broken down traditional barriers for women. It has made young women self-reliant and job creators. Many of our students, after participating in the Changemaking Intelligence Test, have established their own businesses. The scope of Changemaking Intelligence is very large.

Prof. Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen | Vice Chancellor, Women University Mardan

Ali has invented a simple method to activate young people as changemakers.  It is amazing to see how several hundred young girls that have never participated in the value creation before were able to use their innate resources to add value in the lives of other. I am truly inspired by Ali’s model as it shows how to harness the potential of young people.

Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Manzoor | Vice Chancellor , Lahore College for Women University

This is a wonderful initiative. I am amazed to see the impact of this initiative.  I am actually impressed by the thought and originality of the idea to engage young people as changemakers. Ali has done a marvelous service by inventing a method to channel the energies of young people in the right direction. I am grateful to my team for implementing this idea.

Brig Muhammad Ibrahim | Director General National University of Modern Languages

The Changemaking Intelligence Test has contributed immensely in building up an entrepreneurial culture at our campus. It has enlightened us with the most effective method to engage young people as changemakers. We are truly grateful to Mr. Ali.  

Nasir Majid Mirza |Rector, Pakistan Institute on Engineering and Applied Sciences

This is a splendid and inspiring read about the author’s insightful experience of working with young people. As an educationist, I have witnessed extraordinary positive changes in several hundred female students who have participated in the Changemaking Intelligence Test. This book offers simple and practical steps to create an inclusive society by transforming young women from passive beneficiaries to changemakers. This is a brilliant piece of work offering new pathways and solutions to deal with present and future challenges. Highly recommended and endorsed.

Prof. Dr. Uzma Quraishi |VC, The Women University Multan

It is a privilege for us to witness a positive change in my children and my staff. This initiative should be launched everywhere in Pakistan. This program made me aware that my children have lot of talent within them. This initiative has brought out their talents, which was hidden for years. Every child is enthusiastic to participate in this program.

Sr Nilanthi |Principal, St. Anthony High School Cantt

Getting positive results from young people living in underprivileged areas requires extraordinary thinking and commitment. Ali has created a simple method that shows how to do it. I strongly agree with Ali that if we take care of our young people, we will take care of our country.

Prof.Dr. Muhammad Tahir Shah | Vice Chancellor, FATA University

The Changemaking Intelligence Test has awakened dormant abilities of our students. I believe politicians should come and see what real change means. This initiative has broken down many structural, cultural and attitudinal barriers to build a changemaker campus. It is very practical and tangible. I am grateful to Mr. Ali for bringing a new vision to our campus.

Prof. Samina Bukhari | Registrar, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi

It offers both material and non-material benefits. The material benefits include income generation, new businesses, infrastructure development and partnership building, while, the non-material benefits include development of creativity, confidence and connection with society.

Dr. Shagufta Naz | Lahore College for Women University

It is a gateway for the greater integration of young people in the society.

Prof. Dr. M. Tayyab Javed | Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)

It is an excellent tool to engage young people from different disciplines in changemaking and innovation. The Changemaking Intelligence Test has inspired students of many other disciplines to embark upon their first-ever changemaking journey.

Dr. Saima Sarwar | Government College University Lahore

It has opened new doors of partnership building for the university.

Dr. Hina Jabeen | Women University Mardan

It brings young people more closer to the society.

Huma Fawad | Heavy Industries Taxila Education City University (HITEC)

After the successful experience of Youth-led Changemaking at our campus, a whole new body has been created to involve faculty members and students of different disciplines in changemaking and innovation.

Dr. Gulfam Baghoor | NUML University

It enhances the innovative capacity of faculty members and students. Students had a lot of volunteer experience but when they participated in the Changemaking Intelligence Test, it really challenged them to improve the quality of their products and services.

Agha HasnainP | akistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Changemaking Intelligence Test changed the way I perceive my capabilities, possibilities and potential.

Sahar Pirzada | Women University Mardan

It made me realize that I have the potential to bring a positive change in the society bit by bit.

Zeest Mehmood | Government College University

It has completely changed my self-concept in the shortest period of time. I became hero from zero.

  Mudassar Rehman | Vocational Training Institute Jhang

Changemaking Intelligence Test offers the best way to know oneself.

Zoya Aftab | Fatima Jinnah Women University

It helped us to learn how to handle rejection gracefully.

Sharill Hari | Government College University

Changemaking intelligence test helped me establish a new identity in the society.

Shamoon Masih | NUML University

Our parents and teachers can’t imagine the impact of Changemaking Intelligence on us. It changed us from inside

Adan Farooq | Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

It has taught us how to break dependency syndrome and become self-reliant.

Nafeesa Batool | Lahore College for Women University

Changemaking Intelligence Test enabled me to strengthen the sense of agency, developed skills and motivated me to become a change agent in the community.

Taiba Batool | Sargodha University

We learnt to rely solely ourselves and our resources. We are very proud of being a part of this Changemaking Intelligence Test.

Maria Kamal | Lahore College for Women University