Voices of Changemakers

“Started from a food stall, moved to catering and now I run my own spice plant. I am the first woman from my village to start a business.

If any news channel or media agency asks me who I want to give credit to for my success, I say Sir Ali and YES Network Pakistan.

Changemaking Intelligence Test changed the way I perceive my capabilities, possibilities and potential”

Sahar | Mardan 

“I realised that life doesn’t start from and end at you. It involves people and we should think about other people and work for them.

There came a time when I lost all hope. I wanted to die and at that moment, it’s like YES Network brought be back to life.

I want young people to know that they are the real changemakers and that their potential is unparalleled.”

Shazia | Quetta 

“I got a chance to meet a lot of new people through my stalls that I was able to set up because of YES Network Pakistan.

This competition motivated me even more to work harder. I became more confident in implementing my ideas.

I think it’s a great opportunity for young people who have ideas but do not have the resources and skills to implement them.”



“Before going to the competition, I didn’t know I could do so much!

We felt like our business was a source of happiness for people.

It helped us to learn how to handle rejection gracefully..

My success would be more if I feel like the people around me are successful too.

Here the education is good but we should also be taught skills that can be applied in practical life and through which you can earn.”

Sharill | Government College University

“It made me realize that I have the potential to bring a positive change in the society bit by bit.”

Zeest Mehmood | Government College University

“It has completely changed my self-concept in the shortest period of time. I became hero from zero.”

  Mudassar Rehman | Vocational Training Institute Jhang

“Changemaking Intelligence Test offers the best way to know oneself.”

Zoya Aftab | Fatima Jinnah Women University

“Changemaking intelligence test helped me establish a new identity in the society.”

Shamoon Masih | NUML University

“Our parents and teachers can’t imagine the impact of Changemaking Intelligence on us. It changed us from inside.”

Adan Farooq | Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

“It has taught us how to break dependency syndrome and become self-reliant.”

Nafeesa Batool | Lahore College for Women University

“Changemaking Intelligence Test enabled me to strengthen the sense of agency, developed skills and motivated me to become a change agent in the community.”

Taiba Batool | Sargodha University

“We learnt to rely solely ourselves and our resources. We are very proud of being a part of this Changemaking Intelligence Test.”

Maria Kamal | Lahore College for Women University