Changemaking Intelligence Test

The Changemaking Intelligence Test measures the ability of students to produce social and economic impact in a wide range of environments. It does not cost anything to participate in the Changemaking Intelligence Test. Unlike other intelligence tests, Changemaking Intelligence Test provides a nominal trust-based investment to children and young people to participate in the test.

More than 20,000 young people from 110 educational and technical institutions participated in the Changemaking Intelligence Test. Among those, 92% were able to create serious social and economic impact, showing that all young people can become changemakers if they have the freedom and support of their families, schools and communities. These young people were organized in self-selected small teams of not less than 3 members and more than 5 members. A total of 4,500 youth teams participated in the Changemaking Intelligence Test.  92% youth teams were able to create social and economic impact. 8% youth teams suffered minor financial losses but they were able to design and deliver ideas. Less than 1% of the youth teams suffered a 100% loss on the trust-based investment provided to them.

Out of 4500 youth teams, 1850 were comprised of female youth teams and 2545 male youth teams. 105 youth teams were mixed gender. A total of 106 institutes engaged in the Changemaking Intelligence Test. A deeper performance analysis of youth teams reveals that 94% female youth teams were successful in generating social and economic impact and 90% male student teams were able to generate produce social and economic impact.

Young people carried out a wide range of need-based projects in their communities and provided services to over 393,726 people of all ages. Their projects include but are not limited to health and first aid projects, skill development projects, peace building projects, handicraft projects, animal treatment projects, sports projects, cosmetic projects, child care projects, women empowerment projects, jewelry projects,  information technology projects, grocery selling projects, etc. A significant majority earned 5 times the initial investment. Upon completion, the most common words used by participants to explain their feelings of participating in the Changemaking Intelligence Test in one word were: amazing, confident, happy, inspired and hopeful.