Social Youth Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

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The concept of Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program is now growing in Pakistan. In order to ensure that Youth Social Entrepreneurship continues to advance in the right direction and by the right people, it is important to create a second line of leadership who can provide adequate and sustained backing. YES Network Pakistan has launched to YSE Ambassadors Project to advance the agenda of Youth-led development and social innovation in an organized and systematic manner.

Under YSE Ambassadors Project, YES Network Pakistan trains and engages people in promoting the concept of youth social entrepreneurship. YES provides technical, administrative and financial support to Forward Leaders in organizing a wide range of sessions and trainings on the concept of youth social entrepreneurship.

  1. Developed a team of 7,500 master trainers at national level to train and engage teachers and young people in social entrepreneurship activities and competitions.
  2. Established a national network of 300 institutions to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship.

YSE Ambassadors Project is open to everyone. Interested candidates should be willing to accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. The candidate should be willing to dedicate at-least 10 hours per month for a period of one year for the promotion of youth social entrepreneurship
  2. The candidate should be available to participate in capacity building sessions and meetings organized by YES Network Pakistan occasionally.