Frequently Asked Questions About Changemaking Intelligence Test

What is Changemaking Intelligence Test?

It is a short-term enterprise engagement of students to create value to external stakeholders based on problems and opportunities the students identify themselves. It is designed to evaluate the ability of a child/young person to produce social and economic impact in a wide range of environments.

How do I apply for Changemaking Intelligence Test?

Changemaking Intelligence Test does not have any restrictions. Children and young people between 10 and 29 years old can apply for the test. Children and young people interested in Changemaking Intelligence Test need to complete a registration form which can be obtained by the host institution. Children and young people need to form a team of not less than 3 members and more than 5 members in order to participate in the test. There is no requirement and deadline to participate in the Changemaking Intelligence Test.

How does the Changemaking Intelligence Test differ from Other Tests?

Changemaking Intelligence is very different from other intelligence tests as it measures the ability of students to spot an opportunity to create social and economic impact on society. Changemaking Intelligence Test is carried out in the real field.During the YES Changemaking Intelligence Test, children and young people are not required to answer questions about mathematics, history, philosophy, geography and science.  Instead, they are encouraged to immediately connect with the society to find an opportunity to add value in the society. The Changemaking Intelligence Test encourages children and young people to use simple materials, tools, processes and materials. They try their products and services in the real field, conditions, discover problems, make revisions in hours and then try again

Is there any cost involved in Changemaking Intelligence Test?

It does not cost anything to participate in the Changemaking Intelligence Test. Unlike other intelligence tests, Changemaking Intelligence Test provides a nominal trust-based investment to children and young people to participate in the test. The trust-based investment follows a simple principle that if there is any loss on the investment provided while carrying out a changemaking project in the community, students will not be asked to pay a single penny. If students will be able to generate economic profit, they will be requested to donate 50 percent profit for the expansion of the program and they will keep 50 percent profit. Changemaking Intelligence Test provides trust-based funding to children and young people to make mistakes with pleasure.

What is the duration of Changemaking Intelligence Test?

The duration of test is minimum of one week and maximum of four weeks. The duration is decided in consultation with the host institution.

How Changemaking Intelligence Test Helps Institutions?

Changemaking Intelligence helps institutions and communities to gain recognition and public visibility. It helps educational institutions to make their presence felt by demonstrating their impact on society. It breaks connection between society and educational institution. It enriches the learning environment. It helps institutions to stay relevant. It develops a culture of innovation and problem solving on the campus. It helps to build a working relationship with communities, industries and businesses. It leads to inclusive wealth creation. 

How to become a Changemaker School?

Becoming a Changemaker School/Institution means creating, activating and multiplying spaces for children and young people to create something that is valuable to others. If you are interested to become a Changemaking Campus, you can send us a request at : We will contact you right away with the necessary information and support you require to begin your changemaking journey.

What is the projected timeline for launching Changemaking Intelligence Test?

Milestone Days/Week
Submit Expression of Interest Institution submits expression of interest
Briefing Meeting with Institution 1-14 days after expression of interest is submitted
Formation of Changemaking Team 1-8 days after the briefing meeting
Induction Session with Students 1 -14 days after the formation of Changemaking Team
Launching of Changemaking Intelligence Test 1-7 days after the induction session
Compilation and Documentation of Results 7-14 days after the Changemaking Intelligence Test
Changemaking Graduation Ceremony (Institutions gets Changemaker Award) 20-45 days after the Changemaking Intelligence Test

How to move forward as a Changemaker Institution?

Participation in the Changemaking Intelligence Test is an important milestone in the life of an institution, not the finish line. When the students start using their inherent Changemaking Intelligence, it starts growing. There are five levels of Changemaking Intelligence. These levels explain the ability of a person at creating value to external stakeholders. It begins from some impact (at individual level) to high impact (at global level). Changemaking Intelligence Test represents level one of the Changemaking Intelligence Progressional Framework. Children and young people that perform well in Changemaking Intelligence Test will be offered an opportunity to participate in the next levels. YES offers a wide range of technical and financial support to institutions that want to continue their support to children and young people to expand their impact.