Youth Social Enterprise Generator Project


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The whole idea of taking this initiative was to fill the huge gap existing in the area of social enterprise development in the TVET sector of the country.  The initiative focuses significant efforts on youth’s social entrepreneurship development through the training and engagement of local service providers to support local youth in acquisition of effective, appropriate, relevant social entrepreneurship skills and services.  YES Network Pakistan decided to take on a very comprehensive approach that would result in: enabled environment for the launching and implementation of social entrepreneurship project in technical institutions; enhanced capacity of technical institutions for social enterprise education and possible integration for wider utilization and self-employment of youth by training and seed financing.

Pakistan has the largest proportion (32 percent) of uneducated youth mostly with no vocational and life skills.  Equipping young people with knowledge, skills and attitude to start their own businesses with social objectives is critical to generate a culture of enterprise and innovation in Pakistan for the sustainable growth of the economy.

The project has helped tremendously in unleashing the entrepreneurial talent in young people. A systematic and integrated approach has been adopted to nurture social entrepreneurship in the country. It does not only focus on creating awareness young people and youth-serving institutions but also by providing the right platform of skills and resources for youth to set up their own start-up as a viable career and a means to open up new job opportunities in the market. Efforts have been made to provide support, services and opportunities to young people studying in technical colleges to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and capacities.  It includes sensitizing and training representatives of youth-serving institutions such technical institutions and civil society organizations on the concept of youth social entrepreneurship, developing material and curriculum on youth social entrepreneurship and, identifying, training and investing financially in young social entrepreneurs

Now, in its seventh year, the competition continues to nurture and unleash entrepreneurial talent of the young people of the Pakistan. Many milestones have already been achieved in the current year.

  1. YES Network Pakistan has sensitized and engaged representatives of over 1200 youth-serving institutions including technical and vocational institutions and civil society organizations on the concept of youth social entrepreneurship.
  2. YES has developed entrepreneurial drive (raising awareness and motivation) among 500,000 students of technical colleges
  3. We have facilitated and backed around over 18000 students of technical college from low-income families to start their own ventures for social, financial and environmental benefit with a mix of nominal cash, orientation and support.
  4. We have sensitized and oriented over 12000 teachers of technical and vocational colleges of Pakistan.
  5. We have developed a team of 150 master trainers at national level to train and engage teachers and young people in social entrepreneurship activities and competitions.