The Emerging Entrepreneur Competition

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YES Network Pakistan firmly believes that inside every person lies the potential to be successful entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, in real life only a small fraction of people actually tap into the entrepreneur within them. The over-whelming majority of people get by in life, not even realizing that there is a changemaker and a money-making giant within them.

The Emerging Entrepreneur Competition is launched to enable people to experience the thrill of being an entrepreneur for a period of four weeks. Young people get a chance to experiment with their social enterprise Ideas for a trial period of four weeks by countering underlying psychological, social and economic barriers that limit their ability to become entrepreneurs. It helps people to discover and cultivate entrepreneurial mindset. It is designed to inspire and engage people in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The project stirs up a creative energy among people that has been dormant for many years. It challenges people to change the way they think about entrepreneurship. The project helps people to move beyond their fears and turn their passion and skills into profitable enterprises.  From this project, the people are provided an opportunity to start an enterprise, get an access to capital or a product of their choice and sell their products and services. The project teaches the basic principles of an enterprise development to people by a real approach.

  • Facilitated & backed around over 18,000 students of technical & vocational institutions to start their own ventures for social, financial & environmental benefit with a mix of nominal cash, orientation & support
  • 1,500Teams comprising of 3 to 5 young people are engaged in designing and implementing business ideas under a variety of competitions every year
  • 3500 teachers have been trained to engage students in four weeks enterprise development activities

Application to join the project can be sent to the YES Ambassador in your institution or to the YES Network Pakistan at and with the subject: “The Emerging Entrepreneur Competition”.