Social Enterprise Competition on Peace

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Pakistan is passing through the most difficult period of its history. It is facing a series of serious crises. These crises are coming both thick and fast. There is an unprecedented increase in the crime, violence and terrorism incidents. There is hardly any day when there is no bloodshed in the country. Several thousand terrorist incidents have occurred in Pakistan since 2001. Pakistan has paid a heavy price in blood and treasure. Pakistan has lost over 100,000 precious human lives since 2001 in the war against terror. The direct and indirect cost incurred by Pakistan on the war on terror and the losses due to terrorist attacks amounted to $102.51 billion. The December 16 attack was one of the most barbaric attacks in the history of Pakistan that claimed lives of more than 142 students and teachers at the Army Public School in Peshawar.

The saddest part of the story is that this state of disorder in the society is affecting the children’s and young people’s innocent minds. Children and young people naturally absorb the spirit of violence in the atmosphere and will soon grow to be the next generation of perpetuators of violence. Therefore the need to nurture peace in the hearts of young people has arisen as urgent issues to be addressed. But the questions remain: Are we giving adequate attention today to teach peace? Are our institutions really interested in producing a peaceful young generation? Under the present predicament there is a dire need in the country today that young people should be educated and engaged in the art of peaceful living. It is high time to identify new ways of integrating peace building measures into school culture.

It is launched to unleash and unlock the entrepreneurial talents of children for peaceful living. From this competition, the children and young people are provided an opportunity to start an enterprise on peace, get an access to capital and sell their products and services. The competition teaches the basic principles of an enterprise development to young people by a hands-on approach.  The social enterprise competition on peace encourages children to use music, sports, media (videos) and information technology while designing and delivering creative and innovative peace projects that focus on tolerance, conflict resolution, reconciliation and developing interfaith harmony.

  1. Developed entrepreneurial drive among 18,500 children and young people across Pakistan for the promotion of peace
  2. Created a nationwide social infrastructure of people from diverse backgrounds and faiths for the promotion of peace by following the principles of social entrepreneurship
  3. Launched over 50 youth-led social enterprises on peace across the country
  4. Educated 45,000 people of all ages on building blocks for sustainable peace in conflict-stricken areas through social media, sports, music and art

Social Enterprise Competition on Peace project is open to all students and young people of Pakistan. Applications to join the project can be sent to: The Coordinator, SECP, YES Network Pakistan at and with the subject Social Enterprise Competition on Peace.”