Show Your Creativity Project

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Show Your Creativity Project is an exciting initiative of YES Network Pakistan to promote entrepreneurial spirit among the younger generation of Pakistan. The project is launched to fill the huge gap existing in the area of youth social entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The project is designed to introduce and advance entrepreneurial education within youth-serving institutions. The project inspires students to think creatively and innovatively to make money and make a difference. The project helps students to develop their enterprise skills. Each student is loaned one thousand rupees and encouraged to make a social impact and profit as much as possible through enterprising activities during the course of two weeks. Once the challenge is over the students are asked to return the original borrowed one thousand rupees, and feel free to keep or donate the profit they have made. Awards and certificates are given for the biggest social investment, the highest financial return and the best business idea.

  1. Students can participate individually or in small teams of 3 to 5 students.
  2. Students will be provided loan of one thousand rupees to make a social impact and profit
  3. Students will be provided two weeks to work on an idea.
  4. Students will not use the borrowed money for any illegal and unethical activities
  5. Students are encouraged to donate at-least 10% of their profit to support Show your Creativity Project Bank so that more students can be reached out.

Show your Creativity: The project provides an opportunity to students to show their creativity and explore their hidden or unrealized potential.

Make a Difference: The project helps students to make a difference in the lives of under-served people.

Crave New Paths: The project encourages students to crave new paths for themselves. It inspires them to think pro-actively and creatively.

Make Money: The project gives students the opportunity to use classroom learning into real-life enterprise activity which both compliments and enhances your existing curriculum.

Connect with the Society: The project helps students to connect with the society to contribute and deliver a product or a service.

Sense of Responsibility: The project develops a sense of responsibility among students. They donate 10% of their profit to Show Your Creativity Project enabling more students to take part in years to come.

22,000 Young people involved in thinking creatively & innovatively to make money & make a difference

1800 Teachers have been trained to engage students in entrepreneurship competitions

Show your Creativity project is open to all students and young people studying in educational/technical institutions of Pakistan. Applications to join the project can be sent to: The Coordinator, Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program, YES Network Pakistan at and with the subject “Show your Creativity Project”.