Route to Youth Development



It plays a very large role in the development of young people. It either facilitates or diminishes the process of youth development. Family provides first social environment to a child. Favorable environment enables young people to grow fully-prepared and fully-engaged. Unfavorable family environment discourages preparation and engagement of young people.  One of the most influential factors in the readiness of young people to learn and serve the society is often caused by family environment. The development of young people is further enhanced if it is supported by peers, schools, communities and the country. It matters a lot where young people grow and with whom they grow. All these players play an important role in shaping the personality of the young people. If the environment in which young people are growing is not inviting and nurturing, it would be very difficult for young people to pick up positive behaviors and patterns.



Empowerment of young people in a wide range of areas such as physical, emotional, social, intellectual and moral is crucial to the development of young people.  Knowledge and skills acquisition in these areas help young people to feel empowered.  It is very important that young people are provided opportunities for self-empowerment by homes, schools, communities and the country. Empowerment helps young people to get prepared for positive engagement in future.



Youth development is not simply something that happens to young people.  It should not be defined in terms of what young people acquire from the society such as competencies, skills and knowledge. It should also include what young people give back to the society. Youth development is not possible without youth engagement. Youth engagement is a responsibility of everyone. It includes family, community, school and the country. Youth development is best achieved when young people are engaged in a process of service delivery in an organized and systematic manner. Youth engagement opportunities should be provided by educational institutions, community institutions, public and private institutions.   Engagement provides young people the best way to achieve their full potential by using their knowledge and skills and by staying away from risky behaviors.  Attaching youth engagement to public entities at the national, provincial and local levels would provide a ready-made framework to operate. It can be attached to the ministries and departments of the government. In short, engagement is a key to help every young person to reach his/her full potential.