• Over 100 leading Universities have been engaged in embedding student-led social innovation as a core value and in building supportive environments for change-making across the entire institution


  • Featured in more than 50 leading international events


  • Attracted over 25 local and leading international organizations of the world to invest in the field of youth-led social innovation


  • 1200 Technical, Vocational, Educational and Training Schools and Colleges across Pakistan have been engaged.

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  • Over 500,000 youth across Pakistan have been trained and engaged in community building Projects over a period of five years.

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  • Won several international awards.

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  • Integrated the concept of Social Entrepreneurship into their curriculum over 175 Technical, Vocational, Educational and Training Schools.

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  • Engage 1500 teams of young people in designing and implementing business ideas under a variety of competitions every year.

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