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YES strives for a world in which we stop treating young people as empty vessels into which we pour our wisdom and instead we treat all (troubled and prepared) young people as the most promising resource available to us in developing a new societal structure and meeting the high service needs of our communities; a world in which all young people are provided at-least one practical entrepreneurial experience; a world in which all young people are viewed as equal partners in collective efforts to improve civic life, rather than consumers, constituents or foot soldiers for adult-supervised program

YES Network Pakistan has a board of directors who is ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization in all areas of its work. The board includes currently seven elected members for a period of five years.


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Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan firmly believes that the development of Pakistan depends upon the ways in which youth are nurtured and that they must find their place in society to become constructive forces of positive change. We believe that young people of Pakistan are a part of solution rather than as a part of the problem and a major force to bring positive change in the communities. Their enthusiasm, energies and creative abilities can be properly utilized to create a meaningful impact on the socio economic development of the country. We believe that when a country focuses pro-actively upon youth, positive change will impact upon the lives of all citizens.