Defining Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement is a process where all young people including troubled and prepared are provided structured opportunities to use their time, intelligence, talents, skills and abilities for making a significant contribution in their lives and the lives of other.

All: It means that every young person regardless of gender, color and creed should be given an organized opportunity to play a constructive role in his/her personal and societal development.

Troubled: It means that every young person regardless of his/her deficiencies and disturbances should be treated as a pure potential and a resource.


Prepared: It means that academic skills are not enough for young people. There are many young people who are educated and skilled. They are waiting for an opportunity to do something but they are not acting and leading.


Structured Opportunities: It means building a youth engagement system at all levels of the society for the meaningful and sustained involvement of young people.


Youth Engagement is based on the concept that we should stop treating young people as empty vessels into which we pour our wisdom and instead we should treat young people as the most promising resource available to us in developing a new societal structure and meeting the high service needs of our communities.