Our Structure

YES Network Pakistan has a board of directors who is ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization in all areas of its work. The board includes currently seven elected members for a period of five years. The five officers (President, CEO, General Secretary, Office Secretary and Treasurer) are elected by the fellow Directors to the officer positions and the other two are Directors-at-large.





Mr.Ali Raza Khan

Founder and CEO of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan/PNYS.

Ali is the Founder and CEO of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan.Ali has had the opportunity to study in the best institutions of the world such as University of Oxford, McGill University, Johns Hopkins University and the Government College Lahore.Ali is from Lahore, Pakistan, where he earned his BA and Masters in Political Science focusing on Development Politics. He studied one-year in Master of Social Program in McGill University as a Sauvé Scholar. He participated and successfully completed ‘Strategic Communication’ course of Johns Hopkins University. Ali also participated and completed Social Entrepreneurship Course of the University of Oxford. He is currently doing MSc in Human Development from Salford University, UK.


Ms.Kulsoom A.Meraj

Ms. Kulsoom A. Meraj did her Masters (Hons.) in Poultry Husbandry from University of Agriculture Faisalabad in 1998. She has an extensive experience of developing and implementing capacity building programs for people of all ages. She served as a chief training officer for several local and international organizations such as HEAL, JICA and Election Commission of Pakistan. She has played an instrumental role in developing civic sense among girls and women.She is currently serving in UNDP as a Capacity Building Specialist.


Ms.Aliya Khalid

Aliya is working as an Assistant Professor in Social Work Department of the Punjab University. She has been a major driving force to promote and initiate youth related programs in educational institutions. She is teaching course on human growth and behavior, social legislation and communication in Punjab University. She conducts and co-ordinates various trainings and researches for multidisciplinary teams every year. She has a wide range of experience of working in the field of social development.

Ms.Sitwat Farooq

Sitwat Farooq is working as a lecturer in Lahore College for Women University (LCWU). Sitwat has done MPhil in Social Work from the University of Punjab. She also served as a project coordinator in YES for a period of three years. Sitwat played an important role in advancing the concept of youth-led changemaking in schools and vocational institutions of Pakistan.


Ms.Tanveer Mujahid

Tanveer Mujahid has been working in the area of education for over 30 years. She has dedicated her entire life in educating and training children especially from the under-privileged class. She has trained and educated over 5000 children. Many of her students have become outstanding leaders in various fields of social development. She has contributed immensely in the launching and implementing of youth service programs.


He is from Lahore, Pakistan. He has been working in the field of education for the last three decades. According to Sami meeting with Ali (Founder of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan/PNYS) during a HIV/AIDS session held in his community had been one of the highlights of his life as this meeting opened up new possibilities for him to realize his mission in life. During his meeting with Ali, he shared his passion for education and commitment to work for the well-being of his community. Ali was very impressed by his enthusiasm and decided to work with him to test his ideas of involving local young people for the service delivery of education. Looking back, it is clearly evident that this partnership has been very
successful for both Ali and Sami in realizing their goals and moving forward with their mission. Based upon his contributions, Sami was elected as a member of YES Governing Body.


Mr.Taha Fraz Haider

He has professional experience in finance, accounts, costing and administration. He has obtained his professional degree from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA U.K). He has a wider exposure of working in different industries. In past, he has worked with Descon Engineering Limited and Vision Max (Training and Consulting) on key positions of finance, audit and training.


Mr. Ali Raza Khan

Founder and CEO of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan
Ali Raza Khan is a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and trainer whose vision and passion is to promote “Youth as a solution” in the society. He is the founder of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan which has planted the seeds of youth engagement in the country. He is taking both direct and institutional change approach to foster a culture of youth-led development and social innovation. Ali has played a pioneer role in introducing and institutionalizing the concepts of youth service, service learning and youth social entrepreneurship in the country. Ali has reached out and empowered young people living in poverty, isolation, social exclusion, discrimination and helplessness. His organization has impacted the lives of several thousand young people.

Ali had the opportunity to study in the best institutions of the world such as University of Oxford, McGill University, Johns Hopkins University and the Government College Lahore.

He has designed and launched several exciting and award winning projects in the leading schools, universities and communities of Pakistan to transform children and young people from victims to leaders. His projects have helped children and young people to overcome social, economic, psychological and emotional problems which prevent them to live a life of their dreams.

In 2004, Ali was given the title of ‘Sauvé Scholar’ by the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation in Canada.

In 2005, Ali was given the title of ‘Architect of the Future’ by Waldzell Institute of Austria.

In 2006, Ali was selected as an Ashoka Fellow.

In 2009, Ali was selected as one of the top ten leading social entrepreneurs from Asia by Global Knowledge Partnership in Malaysia.

In 2011, Ali was given Azma-Ali-Shan Award by the leading media companies of Pakistan.

In 2011, Ali was selected as a Common Wealth Young Professional Fellow.

In 2012, Ali was invited to speak at TED.

In 2013, Ali is given the title of ‘New Leader for Tomorrow’ by the Crans Montana Forum in Switzerland.

In 2014, Ali is selected as the ‘Chapter Leader’ for Ashoka the Global Innovators in Pakistan.

For the past one decade, Ali has served as an advisor, trainer, speaker and coach to several hundred public and private institutions of Pakistan. He has conducted over 500 training workshops for over 1,500 small and medium scale youth driven and youth serving organizations. He has traveled widely and participated in many international programs and activities. He has given talks and presentations at the leading international platforms and educational institutions of the world.
Ali has endeavored to bring business practices to nonprofit organizations and international development agencies, encouraging their sustainability through earned income, in more than 120 organizations nationwide for over a dozen years.
As a student, he was named Captain of Government College Lahore and best cricket player of the University of the Punjab. Ali speaks Urdu, English and Punjabi.
Ali is author of several articles, modules and a book entitled “Starting Business with Social Objectives.”

Mr. Hafiz Javaid Iqbal

He is the Manager Operations & Programs of the YES Network Pakistan. He did his Masters in Social Work from Punjab University Lahore. He has over 8 years of experience of working in the field of social development. He has been very active to support Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan/PNYS in implementing its activities. He has participated in a wide range of community building activities. He has facilitated, arranged and organized several community based sessions and seminars on a variety of topics for creating awareness among the masses on human rights. He has a strong desire to empower the young people of Pakistan. His work involves identifying under-served, marginalized and poor women and girls for social and economic development.

Mrs. Rukhsana Ali Khan

She is currently working as a Program Manager Communications in Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan. She has done Masters in English Literature, Masters in Business Administration (Finance) and Masters in Computer Science. She has also done Diploma in Information Technology. She has a working experience of 7 years. She has worked with prestigious national and international organizations. She has a teaching experience of two years. She taught English Language, English Literature and Computer Science in Gandhara College for Girls, Wah Cantt. She served as External Liaison Officer in University of Engineering and Technology, Taxilla. She also served as Lecture in the University and taught Technical Report Writing to the students. She has conducted more than 60 researches for international organizations on a wide range of topics such as Youth Service, Youth Social Entrepreneurship, Serving Learning, Business Administration, Information Technology, etc. She has conducted several trainings and workshops on Youth Development. She also served as a moderator for National and International Seminars and Conferences.

Mr. Kazam Raza

He is working as a Finance Manager in YES Network Pakistan. He is ACCA finalist and also holding a professional degree from Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants. He has 9 years of diversified working experience in the field of financial management in public and private sector organizations. He is involved in designing, implementation and evaluation of financial systems and procedures.

Mr.Jamil Hyder

He is working as a Coordinator Logistics in YES Network Pakistan since 2006. He is involved in organizing, coordinating and arranging local and national level sessions, meetings, seminars and conferences. he has over 15 years experience in the field of social development. He worked with several community based and national level organizations.He has sound knowledge of the field and diverse cultures. He has done professional courses in the field of IT.

Ms. Komal Abid

She is working as a Service Scholar in YES Network Pakistan. She holds a master degree in Social Work from the University of the Punjab, Lahore.She has two years field experience of working with disadvantaged populations. She also possessed one year teaching experience. In YES, she is responsible for developing and executing youth-led changemaking projects in vocational and educational institutions of Pakistan. She is involved in developing sound human development strategies for maximizing the growth and productivity of the staff.

Ms. Mehwish

She is working as a monitoring and evaluation officer in YES Network Pakistan. She has done master in Social Work from the Punjab University, Lahore. She has two years’ experience of community work. She has one year teaching experience as well .In YES she is involved in conducting baseline and endline surveys as well as collecting, analysing and documenting data of YES projects.

Huma Zia Faran

She is working as the Deputy Head of the Annual Status of Education Report Pakistan. She has been engaged with large-scale household based assessment since 2011. She graduated from Lahore School of Economics in 2010 and has been working in the development sector ever since. She has presented papers in various international conferences including Comparative and International Education Society (CIES, 2014/2015) and UKFIET (2012). Her major areas of interest include Girls Education, Quality of Learning, Rural-Urban Education Disparities and Education along Socio-economic lines. She is currently also working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Scholar with Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan since January 2015.

Mr. Farhad Ali

He is serving as an office boy in YES Network Pakistan. He has done matriculation. His role in YES is to facilitate the staff members in carrying out their assignments.

Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Quershi

He is working as a Documentalist in YES Network Pakistan since 2007. He has done L.L.B and D.T.L from the Punjab University Lahore. He has over 52 years of experience of working in developmental sector in various capacities. He has an extensive experience of developing and producing information and communication material on health and women empowerment. He is an excellent trainer and facilitator. He has participated in several local and international trainings on gender, reproductive health, proposal writing, community mobilization, etc.