A New Paradigm


Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan is an initiative to focus strategically and proactively upon the well-being of other young people. It is a strategic initiative to recognize youth as partners of development and a major untapped human resource for development and nation building, advancement and innovation in all spectrum of life. This initiative has been taken out of the need for an integrated and well-coordinated effort to address the pitiable and deplorable state of Youth. There are many young people in Pakistan who have no opportunity to realize their gifts and talents. Disappointments, deprivations, sufferings and despair among Youth of Pakistan leave them with no choice. Alarmed by this situation, YES was launched to create the conditions and the stage whereby young people can find their power and assume central leadership role in their communities.


The establishment of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan represent an important milestone – not only for young women and men, but for our country as a whole. The initiative has been taken to recognize the aspirations, needs and conditions of the young people and provide them a platform from where they can play a unique role in building and designing of the future of the Country.


With the launching of Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan a new vision has come into being which sees youth as a solution not as a problem, as a most precious resource not as a burden on society and as active citizens not as citizens in waiting. YES Network Pakistan has placed the young people in the broader context of reconstruction and development. It highlights the importance of youth development to nation building and the creation of a democratic, productive and equitable society. It has been created to provide a foundation and mechanism for youth participation in socio-economic development whilst recognizing that young people should be protagonists of their own development and not merely recipients of support.

Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan firmly believes that the development of Pakistan depends upon the ways in which youth are nurtured and that they must find their place in society to become constructive forces of positive change. We believe that young people of Pakistan are a part of solution rather than as a part of the problem and a major force to bring positive change in the communities. Their enthusiasm, energies and creative abilities can be properly utilized to create a meaningful impact on the socio economic development of the country. We believe that when a country focuses pro-actively upon youth, positive change will impact upon the lives of all citizens.